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Apple releases the first public beta of Mojave macOS so you can install it

Yesterday Apple released the first public beta of iOS 12 and tvOS 12. Also some users were allowed to download the public beta of Mojave macOS, but others were not. Finally, a few minutes ago Apple has released the first public beta of Mojave macOS for all curious users who want to have this new beta on their Mac.

This is how you can install the first public beta of Mojave macOS

The installation is very simple to do, but before venturing to download the corresponding certificate you should make a backup to a hard disk using Time Machine in case you decide to back up. Also, at Apple5x1 we leave you a trick to make these copies much faster here.

Apple releases the first public beta of Mojave macOS so you can install itApple releases the first public beta of Mojave macOS so you can install it

Once the backup is made, you can follow the next steps to perform this installation:

  • Go from Safari (or your regular browser) with a Mac to the Apple Public Web site.
  • Click on “Sign Up” and register with your Apple ID.
  • In the middle of the page you will see a series of tabs, with the different operating systems. We will select the one for macOS.
  • Then look for “roll your Mac”
  • We click on that link and in the next window we will give you “Download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility”. You must download a little bit to see this button. When you click on it, follow all the instructions that the page gives you.

Is she worth urging?

You can call me tired, because of the number of times I’ve repeated it, but you must remember that we are talking about a beta , a version of the unstable operating system. That’s why you should install it on a secondary device to avoid bad times if something goes wrong on your Mac.

To answer the question of whether it is worth installing it, in my view it is not worth doing so. The new features are very few and you’re not going to take advantage of them just in your day to day life, since the new Finder or the dark mode stand out, features that personally are not worth the risk of installing this beta.

In addition, the second developer beta, which is the same as this public beta but very stable, has some very annoying bugs. For example, in Safari, logins are not saved if you restart the browser , so if you open Safari and want to enter Twitter you must always log in and so on all registration forms.

In addition to this, there is poor performance on some pages, especially in Twitch where live shows are sometimes stuck , which is quite annoying. The overheating is remarkable with respect to High Sierra, although nothing alarming and the battery consumption is higher.

It is for all these reasons that I think it is not worth installing this public beta, but if you are very curious, go ahead.

Leave us in the comment box if you are going to join this Apple betas program with Mojave macros.