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Apple releases Mojave MacOS Beta 10 for Developers

We are a few weeks away from Apple announcing the release of its new operating systems to all users, and the development team continues to work against the clock releasing new betas. Today the company has released the tenth beta of Mojave macOS on its own without iOS, watchOS or tvOS beta which already had their minute of glory last week.

This tenth beta for developers, and soon to be available for public beta testers, brings no new highlights . It simply arrives to fix minor bugs before its final release in mid-September.

Apple releases Mojave MacOS Beta 10 for Developers
Apple releases Mojave MacOS Beta 10 for Developers

For us, this is an update designed to improve user productivity , as its functions are focused on the public that works daily with their computer both managing files and writing as is our case in Apple5x1.

The performance of this beta is magnificent , something that has surprised us for good, since other years the betas were going a little bad until they already solved all the errors in the last weeks before its release. This is what makes us think that Apple wants to release the betas soon although in previous years they have always been used to releasing the update in October and officially they will see the light “in autumn”.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about betas no longer having a fixed release date.

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