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Apple Releases iOS 11 Developer Beta 9 and Eighth Public Beta (Update)

It seems that today is a very busy day at Apple, because half an hour after sending the invitations for the event where the next iPhone 8/7s will be presented on September 12th , they have also launched the ninth iOS 11 beta for all developers.


The eighth public iOS 11 beta is now available for download to all iOS 11 beta participants. If you don’t have the sixth beta installed you will have to follow the next steps:

Apple Releases iOS 11 Developer Beta 9 and Eighth Public Beta (Update)
Apple Releases iOS 11 Developer Beta 9 and Eighth Public Beta (Update)

– Go from Safari (or your usual browser) with an iPhone, iPad or iPod to the Apple Public betas page.

– Click on “Sign Up” and register with your Apple ID.
– You will then see a button that says “Download Profile”.
– You will have to click on this button and immediately, a configuration profile will be downloaded to your device. Once this profile is downloaded, just go to Software Update and update.

The eighth iOS 11 beta was released this Monday, and of course there will be many new features in this ninth beta that we are already installing on our devices for testing.

iOS 11 beta 9 download

With a weight of 38.3 Mb we will see few new features in this beta, far from the typical security patches and the improvement in autonomy and performance. A new feature that we have appreciated in the document provided by Apple to developers is that now if we use the 3D Touch in the settings icon and we go to WiFi, it solves the error in which it was not looking for new networks. We are recording that this bug persists in some terminals, and in others it has been momentarily fixed. This is something strange that we hope will be solved in future betas, because what it creates for us is even more confusion.

This version will be the last “beta” before the official release of iOS 11 to the public, something we already appreciate in your comments that you are looking forward to try all the new features that iOS 11 brings.

In the next hours or tomorrow we will see the iOS 11 public beta 8 available. We’ll be looking forward to updating the post as soon as we have this information.

Leave us in the comment box everything you think of this beta if you have tried it, so we can know first hand its performance.

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