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Apple releases iOS 11.4 for all users and here’s what’s new

Six days before the opening conference of WWDC 2018, Apple has decided to release the final version of iOS 11.4 , surely the last update of this software generation that started as a disaster and has ended with some stability but without a doubt has left a very bad taste in the mouths of users.

With the arrival on Monday of the first iOS 12 beta, if there is not a change of plans at Apple, it is logical that they want to get rid of iOS 11.4, because it is illogical to bring two beta programs together, when now they must focus all their resources and efforts on polishing the iOS 12 betas to the maximum so that its launch in September will be a real success.

Apple releases iOS 11.4 for all users and here’s what’s new
Apple releases iOS 11.4 for all users and here’s what’s new

What’s new in this update is quite rare . Here’s a summary of what you’ll find on your iPhone or iPad after the update

  • AirPlay 2 returns for both Apple TV and HomePod.
  • Storage of Messages in iCloud, after not being released in the final version of iOS 11.3
  • The iPhone 8 PRODUCT (RED) Wallpaper is now available for all iPhone 8 and 8 Plus but not for iPhone X.
  • Evidence that HomePod may end up supporting the calendar.

We can see that it is an update with hardly anything new, that focuses mainly on polishing the small bugs that had been dragged in from previous versions, focusing on improving performance and autonomy for older devices with the aim of closing the scheduled slowdown of the old iPhones.

We can highlight the return of AirPlay 2 , something that users of an Apple TV or HomePod can take advantage of. We will also have the possibility of storing our iMessage messages in the cloud, after not appearing in iOS 11.3 although it was in the beta phase.

As always, we recommend upgrading to this version because of the improvements in battery life and security, and if possible using iTunes. Now we just have to wait and see what iOS 12 has in store for us next week.

Have you updated your device yet? Leave your first impressions with it in the comment box.

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