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Apple releases iOS 11.0.2 solving iPhone 8 audio issue

We were all expecting a batch of betas today, as it is Tuesday, but Apple has surprised us with the release of iOS 11.0.2 , a version that comes out a week after iOS 11.0.1. This update is available to all users and resolves certain issues reported by different users over the past few weeks.

Every operating system at its launch presents certain errors as we saw with Apple’s latest release which presented various problems both in terms of performance, autonomy or different iPhone functionalities.

Apple releases iOS 11.0.2 solving iPhone 8 audio issue
Apple releases iOS 11.0.2 solving iPhone 8 audio issue

A few days ago we told you how some users had reported certain problems with their new iPhone 8 device about a strange noise that Apple qualifies as a “snap” when making calls that could be very uncomfortable for the user. In this update it is completely resolved. It is very positive that Cupertino has listened to users by releasing an update as soon as possible.

In addition to this fix, a problem that could cause some photos to be hidden is also fixed. A problem that prevented attachments in S/MIME-taped emails from being opened is also fixed.

This new version has as compilation number 15A421 with a weight of 277.1 MB. We see how Apple doesn’t let problems get out of hand by updating as soon as possible, something we all like. We recommend that you install this new version as soon as possible via iTunes if possible, as we must always be updated to the latest version to be protected from possible security issues. In an update that has considerable weight, we have no doubt that new security hole patches are introduced.

Have you installed this version of iOS yet? Leave us your first impressions in the comment box.

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