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Apple releases iOS 10.3.2, macOS 10.12.5, watchOS 3.2.2 and tvOS 10.2.1 beta 2

Apple is back in business and launches new beta versions of its operating systems for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. If you are a subscriber as a developer at the Apple Developer Center , you already have iOS 10.3.2, macOS 10.12.5, watchOS 3.2.2 and tvOS 10.2.1. If you have the first betas that came out 2 weeks ago, just update via OTA to get any beta 2 of these versions.

The mystery of iOS 10.3.2 was revealed

The previous week we could see Cupertino’s people launching a surprise version of iOS, at the same time, giving an answer to the question we had when the first iOS 10.3.2 beta came out. iOS 10.3.1 came out as an answer to a vulnerability that Apple could not let go, as it is already a custom, Apple does not leave any space and will not give in to possible attacks to its mobile operating system.

Apple releases iOS 10.3.2, macOS 10.12.5, watchOS 3.2.2 and tvOS 10.2.1 beta 2
Apple releases iOS 10.3.2, macOS 10.12.5, watchOS 3.2.2 and tvOS 10.2.1 beta 2

Now the focus is on this next version, which leaves no surprises since no major changes or visual novelties were found. From the editorial staff we believe that the next final versions of these betas will be released to continue improving the environment of our devices , seen from a performance point of view.

iOS 10 begins to have a stable point after many “failed” versions in terms of difficulties. For example, on the battery issue many devices were affected in terms of the transition from the early versions to the more current ones. Apple seems to have fixed these situations and rewarded them with some interesting features and changes that you can see in this post.

Remember that iOS 10.3.2 will say goodbye to 32-bit devices and applications, Apple wants to continue improving for those devices that have a 64-bit architecture. For iOS 11 we already have an indication of what Apple might come up with, a mobile operating system that will work under current schemes and with recent devices.

Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV, to be improved further

For the other versions, we are not aware of any new developments. As in iOS 10.3.2, Apple will continue to improve performance and fix any bugs that exist in current versions (macOS 10.12.4, watchOS 3.2, tvOS 10.2) to deliver cleaner, smoother versions.

If you have installed one of these betas and you notice some changes , don’t forget to leave us a comment at the bottom.

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