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Apple releases iOS 10.2 beta 3 for developers

This Monday Apple released the third beta version of an upcoming iOS 10.2 update for developers, one week after the second iOS 10.2 beta and three weeks after releasing iOS 10.1, the first major update for iOS 10.

At this time, iOS 10.2 does not have a single main feature like the portrait mode in iOS 10.1, but offers several small adjustments of other features.

Apple releases iOS 10.2 beta 3 for developersApple releases iOS 10.2 beta 3 for developers

Among the most attractive new features of this update we can see the new emojis we had previously, like the clown face, selfie, face palm, fox face, owl, shark, butterfly, avocado, pancakes, croissant and much more. There are over a hundred new emojis, including those from professions available to both men and women, such as firefighter, mechanic, lawyer, doctor and scientist. Apple has also redesigned many existing emojis, adding more details and making them look much more realistic.

Along with these emojis, iOS 10.2 includes new wallpapers, new music rating options and buttons for “Repeat” and Shuffle, an option to preserve camera settings, a “Videos” widget and the “TV” application that was first introduced at Apple’s October 27th event.

The TV application serves as a TV guide designed by Apple to simplify the TV watching experience and discover new TV shows and movies. The TV app will be available on iPhone and iPad devices and on Apple TV.

Apple has called iOS 10 its “biggest release ever” for iOS users, with a new lock screen, a Siri SDK for developers, a revamped message application, and the “Home” application dedicated to HomeKit users, plus redesigned maps and Apple Music applications.

With all the news presented, do you agree to call it the “greatest release of all time” ?