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Apple Releases 7th Beta of iOS 12, watchOS 5, Mojave MacOS and tvOS 12 for Developers

Update : iOS 12 beta has been retired due to performance issues.

Apple is accelerating the pace in its betas program, since we have gone from seeing a beta every two weeks, to one beta per week, and that is that a few minutes ago Apple decided to publish the seventh beta of iOS 12, Mojave macOS, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 for all developers, although surely in the coming hours will also be available for public beta testers, as the bugs that are being reported are very superficial.

The official version of iOS 12 is getting closer

Apple Releases 7th Beta of iOS 12, watchOS 5, Mojave MacOS and tvOS 12 for Developers
Apple Releases 7th Beta of iOS 12, watchOS 5, Mojave MacOS and tvOS 12 for Developers

Beta after beta we are all getting closer to an increasingly stable iOS 12, which is certainly preparing to see the light in September and will leave all users suffering from problems with the performance of their device with their mouths open. To achieve this feeling among the company’s customers, Apple is focusing all its efforts on solving all the bugs and not incorporating any significant visual improvement, or new functionality.

For us this is very accurate, and means that the company listens to its users and learns from their mistakes. If it is true that we would like to see new features, but in this seventh beta that has a weight of 361.6 MB we will mainly see bug fixing, and especially the communication of new problems that will be solved next week.

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We can appreciate a small modification that has not moved us. Specifically Apple has recouped and delayed FaceTime group calls until autumn . This leads us to think that the tests have not gone as expected, or maybe some iPhones do not support so many people in a single call at the moment, they suffered from problems of heating. We continue to reaffirm that we do not understand how something so basic has not been in iOS for a long time, and when it is presented in full, it is delayed… Of course group calls have been removed from both Mojave macOS and iOS 12 beta.

In the previous beta, important bugs were reported such as the failure to detect some devices in Home, the malfunction of shortcuts in Siri or the “Speech” option in Accessibility. These issues will have been fully resolved in this new bet a, although of course there are always small bugs reported by Apple in the developer’s notes.

What about other operating systems?

In addition to iOS 12 beta 7, Apple also released today the seventh beta of macOS 10.14, tvOS 12 and watchOS 5 . As it happened last week, these betas come to solve bugs, especially in 10.14 macOS that of the three betas may be the one that goes further back due to performance issues and especially in Safari, which still does not save your logins.

In Mojave beta 7 macOS, as with iOS 12, the ability to make group calls on FaceTime has disappeared, something we hope to see again in the fall.

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In watchOS 5 the only problem we have been able to appreciate is in relation to autonomy, although I am sure that in this month of development it will be totally solved. In tvOS 12 we can say little, except that they continue to unlock screensavers that we hope all those users with a compatible Apple TV can enjoy.

Undoubtedly from this series of betas, the most important novelty that we liked the least is the step backwards that Apple has taken with respect to group calls, but we hope that the problem that has forced them to this will be solved soon.

Leave us your impressions with the Apple betas in the comment box.

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