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Apple Releases 2018 Government Requests for Information

Apple takes user privacy issues seriously and has recently published a new transparency report showing the number of data requests made by various governments worldwide from January to June 2018. A new interactive design was also launched with which to consult these data in a much more visual way than the previous format.

The transparency reports offered by Apple provide data on the number of requests for information from governments made to the company asking for data such as the serial number of a device, credit card identifiers, or other data in “emergency” situations when a citizen’s safety is at risk.

Apple Releases 2018 Government Requests for Information
Apple Releases 2018 Government Requests for Information

These data can be consulted in a renewed web presented by Apple, which shows an interactive design in which you can slide through the different countries and consult at a glance the most important data and access the complete report by selecting a country.

According to the TechCrunch portal, Apple’s latest transparency report covers data from January to June 2018 , with a total of 32,342 requests for data from governments in this period . The total number of devices for which access was requested was 163,823. It should be noted that not all requests made to Apple are accepted and therefore access to data by governments is not as easy.

As shown in the image, the Spanish government requested in the first half of the year access to data from 2,276 devices, 388 financial identifiers, 43 accounts and only requested information on an emergency basis on one occasion . Of this data, the percentage of times Apple accepted the request from the Spanish government was 82% of those referring to the device, 78% to financial identifiers, 49% to those requesting Apple account information and 100% in the only recorded emergency case.

The Spanish figures are far behind those presented by Germany , whose government requested the most data with 13,704 devices, 1,229 financial identifiers, 292 accounts and up to 9 for emergency situations. Behind the Germans, in second position, are the data requested by the government of Donald Trump in United States.

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