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Apple rejects the Steam app for the App Store

A few hours ago we told you how Steam was waiting for Apple to approve its app for publication on the App Store. Now it has just been learned that the Californians have finally rejected the app.

On the main reason for this decision , it is not very clear, since the company led by Tim Cook, has not yet been pronounced, some sources claim that it could be due to the loss of subscription or “micropayments” of Steam, since it would not incorporate them and where these usually charge 30% .

Apple rejects the Steam app for the App Store
Apple rejects the Steam app for the App Store

The team that developed the new Steam application, say they worked hard to bring the experience of their platform to mobile devices, where they are currently very disappointed by this decision.

Bob O’Donnell, head of TECHnalysis Research, commented that possibly Apple’s decision not to approve the Steam application could be the damage it could do to its image among 18-24 year olds. A sector that exceeds half of the owners of an iPhone.

From Steam’s side, the only information it provided about Apple’s decision was that they alleged “business conflicts with the application guidelines”. Basically, one could say that by not offering a subscription or payment system integrated into the application, Californians would not make a profit on it.

However, the team believes that Apple might reconsider its position and eventually approve the Steam application in the future. Something that has already happened in other applications in different sectors.

The experience of being able to play our Steam library’s video game catalogue from anywhere is a big step towards turning the Apple TV into a truly attractive entertainment station. Especially knowing that Steam would offer the possibility of using a game controller.

Now the decision is with Apple , where we hope it will finally support the Steam app so we can play the titles in our library from an iPhone, iPad or even an Apple TV.

What do you think about Apple’s decision? Do you think they will finally accept this app?

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