Apple rejects the single port for reasons of innovation and economy

Apple has just shared a statement with the media about the possibility of Europe requiring mobile devices to have a single charging port. Since the Lightning connector used by many Apple products is a standard of its own, this measure would mean replacing it with another connector. In this case, the USB-C port.

Apple statement: A measure that hurts innovation, consumers and the economy

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The Common Carrier would “do more harm than good”

Apple rejects the single port for reasons of innovation and economy
Apple rejects the single port for reasons of innovation and economy

Apple has hired an economic analysis firm to study the impact of this measure in Europe. Under the name Copenhagen Economics, it specializes in economic and political analysis. In its analysis it states that customers would be far more harmed than the benefits generated for both them and the environment.

The firm has made an in-depth analysis of the accumulated benefits for the consumer in the form of innovation from 2012 to 2018 . Furthermore, in a survey they have discovered that having three types of connectors instead of one is not a real concern for the consumer. According to the results obtained:

  • They have about 1 regular use cable for each device.
  • 51% of households have all their devices with a single connector, while the other 49%, only half, consider that they would reduce their use or demand for a cable if the Common Connector is applied.
  • It estimates that the reduction in the number of wires in the home would be only 14%.
  • It calculates the savings in terms of CO2 for the environment of only 13 million euros (with a seven-year NPV).
  • In comparison, the damage to the consumer is estimated at 1.5 billion euros (with a seven-year NPV).

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The full study, which contains much more detail, can be consulted on the website. With its statement today and the support in this economic and environmental impact study, Apple rejects the Common Charger initiative with force. There is still some time before the European Commission makes a final decision. But it is clear that since Cupertino, they do not see it in a good light.

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