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Apple Rejects iOS Apps that Support the Pebble Clock

Apparently Apple would be rejecting the iOS apps on the App Store that support the Pebble branded smartwatch , as stated by the app developer SeaNav US that they have seen has been rejected. We tell you all the details.

Apple does not accept iOS applications that support Pebble

It seems that Cupertino’s have got down to business, now that they have launched their Apple Watch and to avoid competition from other smartwatches, they are starting to reject App Store applications that support Pebble, as the real example we are going to give you below.

Apple Rejects iOS Apps that Support the Pebble Clock
Apple Rejects iOS Apps that Support the Pebble Clock

One of the developers who show support for Pebble with one of their applications has received an email from Apple informing him that his application has been rejected. The application that has been rejected, in particular, is SeaNav US and this is part of the email they have received from the company of the apple.

“We have noticed that your application or its metadata contains information from an irrelevant platform. Providing information about the application’s compatibility with other platforms is not appropriate for the App Store.

In particular, its application and the description of it declare their support for the smartwatch Pebble”. It says Apple about SeaNav US

The funny thing about this is that the SeaNav US application has been published in the App Store for almost two years and it is now, when Cupertino’s people have launched their Watch, that the developer has received the email confirming that it does not meet the requirements.

Apple has already rejected other iOS apps that mention other brands

It may be a mistake this email, but this is not a new rule of the apple company , in other occasions and since some time ago, Apple has shown its rejection to all the apps in the App Store that mention or promote other competing platforms, like Android or Windows Phone, for example.

However, it is true that this is the first time the company shows its rejection of an application that mentions the smartwatch Pebble and since they now compete in that market with their Watch, the relationship is evident. We have already learned that the Apple Watch App Store is already up and running, which is logical if the smartwatch of the apple is on sale today.

It is certainly bad news is for users who use this smartwatch and has an iPhone, as perhaps the official application of the Pebble watch found in the App Store and which is required to connect to the iPhone, could be rejected by Apple too. At the time of writing we still have no information on the position of the company of the app regarding the official Pebble application. We have known this change of attitude thanks to Cult of Mac.

Do you think Apple has really changed its mind to avoid competition from other smartwatches? You can leave your impressions in the comments.

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