Apple registers a new model in the EEC

The Eurasian Economic Commission is undoubtedly a very good informant as it reveals the future launches of the company in the market. On this occasion they have found several evidences that point to the next launch of a new model of iPad that would run iPadOS 13. In this article we tell you all the details we know about it.

Evidence on the introduction of a new iPad

There are many rumours that Apple is preparing a new iPad. And now these rumours are getting stronger and stronger as a new registration has been made in the EEC with a specific serial number. We must remember that the registration before this economic commission is totally mandatory when you want to launch a new hardware product. In other occasions we have seen how this information has been correct and enough and that is why we must take quite seriously this new information that comes to us from the EEC.

Apple registers a new model in the EEC
Apple registers a new model in the EEC

This time as we say the record includes the serial number A2229 with a very subtle description that says ‘Apple brand tablet ‘ and that would run iPadOS 13 . Obviously you don’t have to be too clever to think that it refers to the launch of a new iPad, possibly the new iPad Pro 2020.

At the moment, rumours are that the new iPad Pro will include a triple camera to enhance the augmented reality look and feel for a better user experience. In addition, some rumors suggest that this may be the first iPad from the company that includes 5G connectivity although we must be somewhat skeptical about it. It is possible that Apple is working first on launching its flagship device, the iPhone, with this technology and then integrating it into the rest.

When will this new iPad be released

We must remember that many analysts were pointing out that in March or April Apple would hold a new presentation event. Due to the pandemic that the world is currently experiencing this is not possible and that is why it is betting that all the announcements that were going to be made will be made through press release. After the launch of the new Powerbeats 4, which was also predicted in the past, it is possible that we will be facing a week full of presentations through press releases.

But although Apple is required to make this registration before launching a product, there is no maximum date for doing so. That is, they can do this registration and present the team at the end of the year together with the new iPhones. But as we said before e may be presented in this month or April. Although it is also possible that a new iPad Pro will not be presented, but will bet on a new iPad 2020 for a much more basic use. Right now there are all unknowns regarding this hypothetical launch, although it is clear that it may be very close.

At the moment we have to wait to see if we are facing a real week of releases by Apple as they did in 2019.

And you, do you think a new iPad Pro is being cooked? Leave your impressions in the comment box.

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