Apple registers a new generation in the bluetooth partnership

The new AirPods 2 might be closer than we thought. Apple has recently registered a new generation of the headset with the bluetooth association, which is in charge of its development, marketing and implementation. As with other products before their launch, this would be a step prior to the sale of second generation AirPods.

Some tips on the new AirPods 2

Registration in the Bluetooth Special Interests Group gives some clues about the AirPods 2 . In particular, this is what we can deduce from the document:

  • Date of publication of the registration: 1 November 2018
  • It is based on two qualified designs: 84009 and 99179. The first would fit the first generation AirPods, while the second could be the HomePod.
  • Two different model numbers are recorded: A2031 and A2032. Remember that the AirPods have a different model number for the left and right, being A1722 and A1523 respectively.
  • It would be logical to expect an additional model number for the case, the current one being A1602.
  • They support bluetooth 5.0, the same specification as the new iPhone and iPad Pro, as well as some Macs.
  • There’s no mention of a next-generation W chip.
Apple registers a new generation in the bluetooth partnership
Apple registers a new generation in the bluetooth partnership

Not too many details can be extracted from the document. But it is interesting to see the compatibility with bluetooth 5, more efficient and with a greater range of distance. An improvement that could be expected after the inclusion of this specification in the latest Apple products.

In the past, there has been speculation about the characteristics of AirPods 2 . In the introduction video of the September keynote, we saw an Apple employee with AirPods that she said “Oye Siri” to activate the Apple assistant. In the current models, this can only be done with two taps on one of the two headsets, so this is a new function that we could expect in this second generation.

In addition to this function, Apple has in the past patented AirPods with biometric sensors . Their location in direct contact with our bodies makes them good candidates for adding new ways of monitoring our physical activity.

These are the accessories that Apple could launch before the end of the year

AirPods 2 aren’t the only accessories that many Apple users are looking forward to. In addition to these headphones and apart from renewals of other big categories (iMac for example), there is an important list to keep in mind:

  • Wireless AirPod case.
  • AirPower charger, missing in action.
  • Official iPhone XR cases. When we asked Apple about them a couple of weeks ago, they said they would be arriving “soon”.
  • A wireless headset under Apple brand and not Beats in headband format.

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Looking at the list, we can rule out a keynote specific to them. That’s why Apple could well announce them through a press release on its website and by lending analysis units to certain media a few days before the announcement. This way they would match the announcement with the analyses and be ready for the Christmas campaign.

If this did not happen, we would be looking at next year . An event in the spring where new products will be announced, supported by these accessories yet to be unveiled.


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