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Apple reduces price of battery change to $29 and promises transparency in iOS

One week after the news about the degraded battery management in iOS computers, Apple returns to offer an immediate solution. The company has decided to take several steps to regain users’ trust in a affair that threatened to tarnish Apple’s reputation, as well as win several lawsuits around the world.

New batteries for $29 throughout 2018

Apple has published a letter to its customers that can be read on its website in English. In it, the company apologizes straight out , acknowledging that there has been some confusion around the issue. To solve it, they promise these measures:

  • A reduction in the cost of replacing a battery from $79 to $29 for any user, that is, a discount of $50 in total when the iPhone is out of warranty.
  • Any iPhone 6 and up that needs a battery replacement can do so at this special price from late January to December 2018. More details will be provided in the future.
  • In early 2018, Apple will release a version of iOS so that users themselves can see the status of their battery and whether their condition is affecting their computer’s performance.
  • Apple promises to continue to monitor, “as always,” the performance of devices to prevent sudden blackouts that occur as batteries age.

Not all the details about this new measure are yet known, for example, its cost in euros or whether users who have already paid for a replacement will receive the difference. The dates given are not precise, but are quite wide . With this measure, Apple seeks to dispel the doubts and arguments of those who were convinced that the company was doing this to sell newer terminals.

Any user with an out-of-warranty iPhone and an affected battery can replace it for $29 for most of 2018

In the letter, it is noteworthy that Apple emphasizes the durability of their products , which is why they have deployed these measures:

To end with a thank you for the confidence of its users:

An explanation of batteries and performance

At the same time that Apple has published its apology and proposed its solution, it has enabled a support document to help understand the relationship between battery health and iPhone performance. You can consult the original document here, from which you can extract these main ideas :

  • Today’s lithium-ion battery technology can be considered a consumable product that wears out with use, environmental conditions and time.
  • This deterioration also has an impact on the performance of the iPhone.
  • Compared to other technologies, Lithium-Ion batteries charge faster, age more slowly, and are denser in a lighter package.
  • How we use the iPhone also influences the overall battery life. You should avoid charging it or leaving the iPhone in warm environments for long periods of time.
  • Por qué un iPhone con varios años a sus espaldas puede mejorar su rendimiento si le cambias la batería.

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    Lithium-Ion batteries not only lose capacity over time, but also reduce their response to rapid requests for power.

  • One of the key attributes when responding to strong bursts of energy is the impedance of the battery, the higher it is, the lower its ability to cope.
  • Another effect of battery aging is a decrease in battery voltage. All components of the iPhone are designed to work with a minimum voltage.
  • If the battery is not capable of providing it, the iPhone will be turned off to preserve its integrity. That’s why some iPhone 6 and 6s users suffer from unplanned power outages.

Apple goes on to say that iOS 10.2.1 introduced new power management features to prevent these blackouts, as we reported at the time. The user may experience varying degrees of impact on certain tasks (scrolling, frame rate drop, lower screen brightness, decreased sound, flash off) while others will remain intact (network and cellular connectivity, photo and video quality, sensor and GPS accuracy, Apple Pay).

Apple reduces price of battery change to $29 and promises transparency in iOS
Apple reduces price of battery change to $29 and promises transparency in iOS

If the user experiences this type of performance loss, Apple recommends a battery change as the best way to recover it. This will be available at a reduced price from the end of January.

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