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Apple Reduces iPad Panel Orders to LG by 90%


LG has become accustomed to supplying between 4 and 6 million 9.7-inch LCD panels to Apple every month. These panels are used in the manufacture of the iPad, but according to the Asian publication Digitimes, during January the company only sent about 600,000 panels, a figure infinitely lower than usual.

Apple Reduces iPad Panel Orders to LG by 90%
Apple Reduces iPad Panel Orders to LG by 90%

At the moment there is no official confirmation that the figure has fallen that much and the reasons are not clear either. Even so, Digitimes dares to give voice to one of its sources and they claim that part of this fall is due to the arrival of the iPad mini. They also comment that January is not usually a good sales month, so it is ” normal ” that LG has had this drop in their shipments.

The drop in orders for panels to LG for the iPad could mean that Apple is already working on the iPad 5

Digitimes publica:

Another possible reason for the drop in orders is that Apple may be planning to use the GF2 touch screen technology it has used in the iPad mini for the future generation of iPad. There are several rumors that say that will be the case, so it is clear that this could be another reason for the few shipments that LG has made to the company during the month of January and it would be very bad news for LG Display, as it could be losing a very important client.

A research report by WitsView states that full-size iPad sales only account for 35% of Apple’s tablet sales today. There is no official confirmation that this is true, but it is no secret that the iPad mini has been a tremendous sales success, so it could be right. He also claims that Apple is preparing what will be the future iPad 5, to try and stop the tablet’s sales drain and get consumers interested again.

At the moment there is no official information and all this is based on rumours and estimates from specialists in the sector, so we will have to be patient and wait for Cupertino’s company to decide to make a move.

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