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Apple reduces Face ID accuracy to increase production

Bloomberg claims that Apple could have reduced its demands with Face ID to increase production of the iPhone X.

Specifically Apple has lowered its requirements in some components such as the laser used for Face ID, they clarify that it is really fragile to manufacture it.

Apple reduces Face ID accuracy to increase production
Apple reduces Face ID accuracy to increase production

The level of demand was such that some companies were unable to meet Apple’s expectations. Currently only two of them would be in charge of the production of the laser that makes up the TrueDepth camera.

The new iPhone X would be causing a bottleneck in factories because of the complicated process of developing the laser used by Face ID. The solution (we do not know if temporary), has been to lower the accuracy of this and increase production to the high demand that is expected to exist according to all surveys.

We don’t know what kind of requirement Apple has modified to make the production higher, but since 9to5mac, they claim that this kind of change is normal in the process when building a new device.

To be honest, the work Apple has done introducing so much high level technology in such a small space is incredible , although the manufacturing process is proving too complicated to meet the initial deadlines.

That’s why the new iPhone X is giving Apple and the companies that are assembling it such a headache. Apple put a premium on components . This is something that users are grateful for.

But getting back to reality in the manufacture of a massive device with the time against it, now we have to lower that level a little to be able to face so much demand, where we remember that this Friday 27th, Apple will launch the reserves of the new iPhone X.

Will this move affect the effectiveness of Face ID?