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Apple redesigns its support portal


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Apple redesigns its support portal
Apple redesigns its support portal

Apple redesigns areas of its website from time to time. Mostly they change things in the support portal to make the experience easier for users who have problems . If we recently echoed the changes when it came to making appointments in the Genius Bar or the inclusion of 24 hour online chat , today we see how they have completely redesigned the main Support page.

As we see in the image above, it now has a more modern and simple grid design. It highlights large images so we can select the product we’re having trouble with, making it easier to support each of Apple’s products. If we remember the old design, it was all much more crowded and less easy to see .

In fact, the new page can only be seen for the moment on the American website, as the old design is still preserved in the Spanish Support portal. To get support for other products we had to browse different pages, but now everything is hidden in the next page of the carousel , where we will have support for AirPort, applications, AppleCare or Servers.

Below are direct links to the company’s official support forums and ways to contact the company directly for technical assistance. Finally, it should be noted that the design of the individual product pages remains unchanged , and only the home page has been modified.

Of course we see a clear influence from the design of iOS 7, where white and flat spaces predominate. Perhaps not for long we will end up seeing a redesign of the top category bar as well, which has been around for a few years now.


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