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Apple reaches agreement with Warner Music to have more audience

It’s true that Apple invented iTunes almost a decade and a half ago, but we all know that little by little it’s being used less and that there’s not much left for this platform that was a revolution at the time to die. Today it has its successor on the apple: Apple Music. Recently Cupertino’s company has reached an agreement with Warner Music to make a series of changes to Apple Music .

In the deal made between both musical firms, the two get wet. Warner Music is going to provide the apple with some artists it didn’t have like Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars giving users of other platforms extra reasons to switch to Apple Music, although this kind of content will also go to iTunes of course.

Apple reaches agreement with Warner Music to have more audienceApple reaches agreement with Warner Music to have more audience

The objective of this agreement is basically that Apple will gain more audience on its music platform in exchange for a percentage of the money that the artists provided by Warner Music generate, easy, right?

Well no, because this could put a serious strain on the apple as it would have to pay less to the singers and groups it owns to keep the profit margin intact which could lead to legal problems and lawsuits with various personalities in today’s music.

This is a really smart move on the part of both firms, but clearly the winner in this case is Warner since it does not put anything at stake . Anyway, we already know the way Apple deals with this kind of problems and they always end up in a positive way for the company, so we won’t have to worry about Cupertino’s company for a while.

Apple Music recently turned two years old and after the downturn that has hit the apple in terms of music-related issues following the cancellation of the Apple Music Festival event in London, nothing better than a breath of fresh air.

Source : 9to5Mac