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Apple ranks several of its devices among the best sellers in Q3.

With another quarter gone by and another list of results available, it’s time to see how the summer went for Apple and its devices. This is never usually the strong quarter for the iPhone as it is being introduced in September, this is its last quarter before new releases and this makes users wait for the new models. Still, let’s see how it goes with the data coming from PatentlyApple.

South Korea and China, Apple’s toughest markets.

Let’s start without hot cloths with the only 2 of the 7 main markets where Apple has not managed to get into the Top 5 . The 5G has arrived strongly in Korea, and has placed the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G as the best selling phone . With a market share of 26%, well ahead of its closest competitor, the LG V50 ThinQ 5G, which has only 7%, the Chinese market is focused on its national brands , with the Top 5 being shared between Oppo, Huawei and Vivo. Nothing new here, although knowing how important this market is for Apple, it’s interesting not to see any device in the list.

Apple ranks several of its devices among the best sellers in Q3.Apple ranks several of its devices among the best sellers in Q3.

This is the only country where the iPhone has fully reigned supreme in the Top 5 , from the iPhone XS to 6S. A range deployment that shows how the diversification of Apple models, as well as the lowering of prices of older terminals are a good vein to take more market share.

Germany and France, only the iPhone XR manages to make its mark.

In these two countries, this last quarter Samsung was the winner , with 4 out of 5 smartphones at the top. Apple placed the iPhone XR in 2nd position in Germany and 5th in France. These might seem like bad results, but counting on the fact that on the dates counted, the new Cupertino devices were about to be announced, seeing that a smartphone almost 1 year old is still selling in the Top 5 is a victory.

UK and US, waiting for the new iPhone.

With 3 terminals for the United States and 2 for the United Kingdom, these two markets traditionally led by Apple are kept afloat in the same way as Japan, thanks to the iPhone XR and the older models, which the companies offer at significant discounts and the shops sell cheaper. Samsung, on the other hand, is facing Apple with 2 and 3 devices respectively, which compete with the advantage of being younger.

As you can see at first glance , Q3 is not Apple’s finest moment , but it still holds up well thanks to its input range. We will see the turnaround once the results of this 4th quarter are announced, which makes us think that Apple will place its new devices in all markets at the top after Tim Cook’s last statements on the subject.