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Apple publishes more information about iWork

Apple has published more information about the applications that make up iWork Mobile Suite : Keynote , Pages and Numbers , which we remember are used to create and manage presentations, Word documents and spreadsheets respectively.


Apple publishes more information about iWork
Apple publishes more information about iWork

We start with Keynote , the application with which you can create slides and make presentations with just one finger.

Tap to open an existing file. Or choose one of 12 Apple-developed themes to create a new presentation. You can use the browser to scroll through the slides, add a new slide with a tap, or drag to position one or more slides. Open the Media Viewer and add photos and videos from your library or shapes, tables, graphics, and text.

You can also paste content copied from another application: Safari, Mail, etc. Tap on an object and drag a corner to resize it, rotate your fingers to rotate it, or drag it to another spot. Keynote is like a magic board: You can touch and drag any item anywhere on the slide.

Keynote allows i to import any PowerPoint document. Even allows presentations to be displayed on any LCD TV or monitor using the appropriate adapter ( Base Dock ).


Pages for iPad combines advanced writing options and design simplicity of the Multi-Touch technology . It’s easy to create documents of all kinds, from newsletters to brochures: with a few touches you’ll be ready. And with the 16 models developed by Apple, every project will be different from the others . The text is perfectly clear and readable.

Place the iPad horizontally to view your Pages document in widescreen . The “word suggestion” function also appears to help you in your work. And if you have to type a lot of text, you can use the wireless keyboard that connects via Bluetooth to the new Apple tablet.

Pages is capable of importing Word documents . Also, it won’t cost you anything to share your documents in Pages or PDF format .


Numbers is the most powerful spreadsheet application designed for the iPad and Multi-Touch technology. With a few taps you can draw tables and graphs, add photos, or insert and modify data. Numbers is a very versatile one, so you can add tables and graphs anywhere on your paper and move them around. Choose from 16 models for home, work, and school, then add your personal touch.

Drag with your finger to add, delete or move rows and columns. To enter and edit data, simply tap your finger. Use the Full Screen Summary view to show the sum, minimum, maximum, and count of the selected cells. It’s easy to create pie charts with Numbers: With your fingers!

Numbers includes a complete calculation engine and more than 250 functions, all accompanied by a brief description and accessible from the virtual keyboard.

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