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Apple Publishes iOS 7 App Design Guidelines

Apple releases a set of guidelines to guide developers in app design

With each arrival of a new operating system, users are faced with the inevitable learning curve, especially if the changes go beyond a simple face-lift in the interface design or the addition of a handful of new features as is the case with iOS 7. But we are not alone. But we’re not alone. Application developers have to go through it too, and perhaps with more effort than we do.

In this sense, Apple is putting special interest in guiding or advising developers on how to continue building applications for the new OS while maintaining its identity and distinction.

Apple Publishes iOS 7 App Design Guidelines
Apple Publishes iOS 7 App Design Guidelines

Although we’ve been working on it for a few months now, it seems that the conversion or transition is not going as smoothly as expected, so new and exclusive documentation for iOS 7 has been added to the developers’ website. Some of it is accessible only to programmers, and some is completely public, something we can all see, even if we are not registered as developers.

With a series of videos and guides, Apple, aims to set guidelines prior to the development of applications . Thus, for example, it is advised that the user does not have to zoom or scroll to see the main content or use elements in the interface to take advantage of tactile gestures. The recommendations also affect the size of the text and its contrast with the background, distance between buttons, quality and resolution of the images and the organization or correct distribution of the elements.

Developers complain about difficulties in implementing some iOS 7 functionality

But for the developers it is not only a question of designing the interface or graphic elements, but also of being able to make certain functionalities of the applications work correctly and leave aside the improvised solutions or workarounds that some still present. In fact, it is no longer just a matter of the big change from iOS 6 to 7, but also of the warnings of some that development elements that worked in iOS 6 and 7.0.3 are no longer working in 7.1.

Do you think Apple should take care of these issues in the future so as not to give the competition a chance, or do you think that these drawbacks do not affect the strength of iOS at all? Give us your opinion.

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