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Apple publishes a video on the launch of iPhone 5 on its website

The iPhone 5 has been on sale for weeks now. And now at Apple, after some time, they have released a video on the company’s website showing the commotion, the queues, the waiting of all the eager buyers. A video, like other similar ones that shows Apple’s good work in terms of launches.

After the launch of the iPhone 5, there was a video waiting in line and waiting for the coveted buyers. This very morning, as indicated in AppleInsider, the company of the bitten apple has added a new video to the page dedicated to the iPhone 5 on the Apple website.

Apple publishes a video on the launch of iPhone 5 on its website
Apple publishes a video on the launch of iPhone 5 on its website

The two-minute piece, shows us what the reactions of the anxious buyers were . Mixed emotions, eternal queues, endless chats, and everything in the nine countries where the smartphone was initially put on sale. It shows a series of Apple Stores specially prepared for the occasion . And it is not only buyers that are the focus, but also the employees of the different Apple Stores are the target, capturing their emotions when customers enter and “sell” them a device. When leaving, some holders are interviewed and we see reactions of all kinds.

The video, which, as I said, is just over two minutes long, shows the commitment that the company puts into launching each new product , something that, although there are things that I don’t like, I recognise that they do like no one else. A film that begins with the initial preparations at dawn. The attention is drawn by an elderly couple, the surprise of a customer who shouts when he opens the device or a dog greeting an Apple employee.

This type of video is common when Cupertino’s company launches a new product . It is one more gear in the machinery that marketing and Apple’s advertising involves. In this case they have tried to make a video that shows and highlights the company’s commitment to launching the most ambitious product in the history of the company.

iPhone 5 is expected to be available in nearly 100 countries before the end of this year. In addition to the impressive sales figures , the iPhone is not yet officially available in countries such as China , which will increase these figures exponentially in due course.

This is a practice that few companies carry out, not even when launching important products and that shows the interest they have in maintaining a flawless corporate image, while trying to fight with the increased sales of the competition. Finally, I leave you with the video in question, which is also available in the iPhone 5 section of the Apple website.

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