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Apple publishes a guide of tips and tricks for iOS 7

With the arrival of each version of iOS, Apple reveals all the new features it has incorporated into the new version of its operating system for mobile devices. But there are always things that go unnoticed and that little by little users and developers are discovering. Now, Apple has decided to be the one who shows us tricks for iOS 7.

Yesterday my colleague Pepe Mérida told us some little tricks to win some battery power in iOS 7, a trick that will undoubtedly help us to squeeze the autonomy of our devices to the maximum .

Apple publishes a guide of tips and tricks for iOS 7
Apple publishes a guide of tips and tricks for iOS 7

But as we already know, iOS 7 incorporates many new features that we can squeeze to the maximum using some tricks and options that are usually difficult to see with the naked eye , remaining hidden and that we all find and share with the community.

Now, Apple has decided to tell us some of these tricks and give us some official advice, which is why on the pages of the iPhone has included a handy guide that allows us to know the new features of iOS 7 .

This small guide consists of 3 pages (one for each iPhone: 4S, 5 and 5S), and includes different sections about photography, finger gestures on the interface, FaceTime, Maps, Siri and the calendar among other sections.

This is undoubtedly a good official collection of tips and tricks , something that until now more than one user (possibly a novice) has missed and had to search the net, which can sometimes be a really complex task.

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