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Apple publicly launches iOS 5

A few minutes ago Apple publicly launched iOS 5 . Remember that in order to use it, you will need to download version 10.5 of iTunes

The launch has been as planned: Wednesday 12th October (around 19:00 Spanish peninsular time, as we are used to by Apple). To update the device, we only have to connect it to our computer, and select it within iTunes. In case you don’t receive the alert of new firmware version available, you just have to click on the update button .

Apple publicly launches iOS 5
Apple publicly launches iOS 5

As we know, the main new features of iOS 5 are:

  • Siri (available for iPhone 4S only)
  • iCloud, Apple’s new cloud data service.
  • OTA (Over the Air) updates.
  • Notification Center
  • iMessage: The Apple Messenger (to give you an idea: a WhatsApp between iPhone).
  • Integration with social networks.
  • Find My Friends application, an application to find our friends.
  • Application [Cards], to send customized postcards.

These and many more are the new features of iOS 5. If you want to know the rest… I recommend you to download the update as soon as possible (if you are not already doing it) and check it yourself .

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