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Apple provides manuals to explain how to connect a trackpad to the iPad

With the latest update for the iPad, this device has the possibility to be used via a trackpad . Until now it was only possible to connect a mouse or keyboard via Bluetooth, but with the latest iPadOS 13.4 version that was released recently, the trackpad and all its functions are a reality.

How does a trackpad work?

The new version of the iPad operating system released this Tuesday has great features, plus it allows you to connect a trackpad to your device such as the Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard and even other third-party alternatives such as the Logitech trackpad keyboard. This accessory is very familiar to all Mac users .

Apple provides manuals to explain how to connect a trackpad to the iPad
Apple provides manuals to explain how to connect a trackpad to the iPad

Basically the trackpad is similar to a mouse with the ability to use multi-touch gestures . It receives actions from the use of the fingers. For example, a gesture made by sliding your fingers in different directions, by pinching or by using more than one finger, allows it not only to serve as a means of directing the cursor, but also to access other functions such as turning the page, zooming or displaying the desktop more easily.

Connect your trackpad or mouse

Apple has decided to offer users a couple of guides to make use of the new iPadOS 13.4 feature. These present the information needed to connect an accessory such as a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad.

Firstly, the devices that allow this are : all models of the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or later, the iPad (5th generation) or later and the iPad mini 4 or later.

To connect them, the following steps must be followed.

  • Turn on and bring your Bluetooth accessory close to your iPad.
  • The accessory must be in pairing mode. If the device is a third party accessory, the steps of the manufacturer’s pairing mode must be followed.
  • On your iPad, go to Settings – Bluetooth and select the name of the accessory to pair.

According to Apple’s manuals, if you have multiple accessories connected or some third party accessories may reduce wireless performance .

To configure the trackpad or mouse you need to go to Settings – General – Trackpad . Here you can adjust the speed, scrolling and some gestures. If you want to configure a mouse, go to Configuration – Trackpad and mouse .

For more information on these short tutorials you can read the manuals that are available on the Apple site .

Connect a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad to your iPad

Use a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad with your iPad

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