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Apple promotes Office 365 as a recommended iPad accessory

Apple has been trying for some time to convince potential customers that the iPad is a tool that can also produce content and not just consume it. Each and every move he has made in the last months and the messages given in the last iPad presentations go in that direction.

Microsoft has been present in some of these presentations and Office has been the productivity tool on which Apple has focused most when presenting devices such as the iPad Pro. And it seems that it will continue to be so because now it has gone one step further and Officee 365 appears as a recommended accessory for anyone who buys an iPad.

Apple promotes Office 365 as a recommended iPad accessoryApple promotes Office 365 as a recommended iPad accessory

When you go to buy one at the Apple Store, whether it’s an iPad Pro, an iPad Air or an iPad mini, you’ll be prompted at the end of your purchase to include the Office 365 annual subscription.

It’s funny how Apple recommends Office while its own productivity suite, iWork, is completely forgotten as if it didn’t exist even though it’s free. It seems as if Cupertino’s people are giving up the war for lost and leaving it to die slowly.

But in this relationship, that of Apple and Microsoft, also on the part of those in Redmond, curious situations arise. Things like introducing the version adapted to touch devices earlier in iOS than in Windows, having the Surface Pro. It’s as if everyone has realized which is the territory they dominate and which is the benefit of mutual collaboration.