Apple promotes Apple Pay with a new series of hands-on videos

El llamativo caso de Polonia: Apple Pay iguala 2 años de Google Pay en solo 2 semanas

En cualquier caso, es otro de esos productos que demuestran la sencillez característica de Apple, y una de las muestras del futuro de los pagos electrónicos. Veremos si podemos probarlo pronto en España, ahora que gran parte de las entidades más importantes de nuestro país, como Bankia o Banco Sabadell, ya son compatibles .

Apple promotes Apple Pay with a new series of hands-on videos
Apple promotes Apple Pay with a new series of hands-on videos

Y vosotros, ¿habéis probado ya Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is the quickest and easiest way to pay with your mobile phone, and although it sounds like a sentence worthy of an advertising spot, the truth is that it is. Many other platforms tried it at the time, both through NFC technology itself, and through others such as QR codes, which still work in some countries like China, but very few achieved the same success as Apple’s service. In the end, the loyalty of its users has always been a great help.

This, added to its rapid international expansion, which although it took time to start, has made it available in 30 countries today, has made it one of the great digital payment platforms . And since last year, its intention is also to achieve this in personal payments with Apple Pay Cash, which with its integration in iMessage has become available to millions of users. At least, it’s the United States.

In order to show how easy it is to use, Apple has created a series of ads showing how fast it is to send and request money with this solution. Of course, whether you’re sending or receiving money, you’ll only need to identify yourself with your fingerprint or face to do the job. The problem is, we still don’t know details about your possible arrival in other countries, so for now we won’t be able to use them.

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