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Apple promises to fix face recognition bugs in iPhoto ’09


Comments are starting to multiply in the Apple forums from iPhoto ’09 users who are encountering problems. Specifically this is a bug in the recognition of faces in photographs .

Apple promises to fix face recognition bugs in iPhoto ’09Apple promises to fix face recognition bugs in iPhoto ’09

It’s happening, and it occurs to me in fact, that iPhoto is not responding very well to the recognition of faces that we have defined. When we recognize a new face and ask iPhoto to identify possible matches, the program keeps processing and reports some results that don’t match at all . For example, in my case, as a possible match with my seven year old nephew he has offered me a Pismo Powerbook and a forty year old acquaintance.

Apple has confirmed that it is investigating the problem , and that it appears to occur on both Snow Leopard and Leopard computers. Solutions offered so far in the forums, such as rebuilding the photo database, reinstalling iPhoto or repairing permissions, have not yielded any results .

Apple engineers have observed that the face recognition engine “hangs” , they think a possible reason can be found in the inclusion of MPEG videos which confuses the program. But actually there is little we can do the users apart from wait for Apple to publish an iPhoto update that will solve the problem, hopefully Apple will respond as quickly as before.