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Apple product warranty and Spanish law

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Yesterday Antonio Cambronero was asking me about the guarantee of Apple products. The thing is that his iMac, purchased a year and a half ago, had started to experience strange symptoms at startup such as duplicate and blurry images and other strange things.

After contacting Apple to request the repair of your computer, they will inform you that the warranty only covers the first year and that the repair will cost a few hundred euros.

Apple product warranty and Spanish law
Apple product warranty and Spanish law

I quickly looked up information on the subject of Apple’s warranties on the internet, because as is well known in Spain and by law all electronic devices have a two year warranty. And this is where the problem lies. After the first year it is the user’s turn to prove that the fault is factory made, by hiring an external expert and spending a lot of extra money.

How can this be? At Apple we have always defended everything that comes from the apple company, but we cannot remain silent about something that has to do with consumer rights.

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