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Apple Produces Exclusive Content for Apple Music

Almost two weeks after Apple Music’s arrival in the world, talk continues of the apple company’s new streaming music service. Now, as we have learned, Apple is producing exclusive content for Apple Music , specifically we would be talking about video clips of the artists who decide to launch some new songs through this platform.

Little by little we are learning more about Apple Music and I am sure that throughout the summer it will continue to be the center of attention. Many users have already fallen at the feet of Apple’s new streaming music service, but there are still many others who are not very convinced.

Apple Produces Exclusive Content for Apple MusicApple Produces Exclusive Content for Apple Music

The American company is betting very hard on its new music service and is trying to put users in their pockets with the great features and functions that Apple Music brings with it. In addition, one of Apple Music’s strong points is the great catalogue it offers, which will also have exclusive content from artists such as Pharrell Williams, Eminem, Drake or Taylor Swift.

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Apple will produce the video clips for Apple Music’s exclusive content

Today, several international artists have decided to launch exclusive content on Apple Music, in exchange for which Apple has offered a number of quite interesting benefits for the artists. Among those benefits would be to produce the video clips of those exclusive Apple Music songs , a quite succulent offer, since it will mean a great saving for the artist or record company.

As far as we know, Cupertino’s guys are offering some artists the option of paying for the video clip of the song in exchange for them giving them some songs exclusively for Apple Music. This would be the case of Freedom by Pharrell Williams, Phenomenal by Eminem or Energy by Drake, which would be the first to have those video clips made by Apple , but surely the list will expand little by little, as it is quite an interesting exchange.

Moreover, other artists like Diddy, Purity Ring, M.I.A or James Bay have already announced that they will soon launch new exclusive content through Apple Music. And they are certainly not the last…

A great strategy to promote Apple Music

From MacRumors they comment that this strategy of launching exclusive content in Apple Music is a great strategy carried out by the American company. Through it they seek to promote their new streaming music service and thus win subscriptions.

Apple has been trying to get exclusive content for Apple Music, its new streaming music service, in order to attract users who until now used other services such as Spotify , one of its big rivals. We’ll have to wait and see which other artists will jump on the bandwagon of exclusive content on Apple Music.

How do you feel about the company’s decision to produce the video clips of Apple Music’s exclusive songs?