Apple Pro Display XDR put to the test with 13 Macs and PCs

Apple kept its promise to release the new Mac Pro before the end of 2019. Along with it came the Pro Display XDR, a display that has been specially designed for this computer and offers professional image quality . As specified by the company, it is the first 32-inch Retina 6K display, with 1600 nits of brightness and contrast of 1,000,000:1.

Although the ideal companion to the Pro Display XDR is the new Mac Pro, it can be used with other Apple computers. It even works with some Windows PCs . A YouTuber has tested the latest Apple monitor with 13 different computers to check its performance.

Apple Pro Display XDR put to the test with 13 Macs and PCs
Apple Pro Display XDR put to the test with 13 Macs and PCs

The behavior of the monitor varies depending on the equipment and its age. While several PCs and Macs connect without problems, the maximum resolution at which they can display video is 5K, although at 10 bit 1600 nits which allows playback of HDR content. Then there are others that are capable of 6K but only in 8 bit. And although there are Windows computers that can use the monitor, not all of them are compatible .

In the case of Apple devices has used a 2015 MacBook Air with Thunderbolt 2 and Thunderbolt 3 adapter, the 15″ MacBook Pro released in 2018, the 2017 27″ 5K Retina display iMac, the 2019 iMac Pro, the late 2019 16″ MacBook Pro and the 2018 iPad Pro.

Which Macs are compatible with the Apple Pro Display XDR: Here are the requirements and models

For Windows computers , he has tested Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 laptop, the Dell XPS 13 with a 10th generation Intel processor and Intel IRIS graphics, and an ASUS workstation with Nvidia Quadro graphics.

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