Apple previewed “See”, one of Apple TV+’s most anticipated series

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The post-apocalyptic drama of 15 million per episode!

Apple previewed “See”, one of Apple TV+’s most anticipated series
Apple previewed “See”, one of Apple TV+’s most anticipated series

By Gabriela Martínez – Oct 23, 2019ShareFacebookTwitter

A few days before the launch of its streaming platform, Apple has previewed “See” , one of the most anticipated series on Apple TV+. Last Monday, the cast of the futuristic thriller and executives from the Bite Apple company met at the Regency Village Theatre in California to enjoy the first chapter of the series written and created by Steven Knigh.

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Argument: The post-apocalyptic epic drama takes place in a world where much of the human population has been wiped out by a virus and the remaining survivors have been left blind.

Production: According to Apple, they hired consultants on blindness, biology and survival to make the drama as realistic as possible.

Actors: The thriller is starring Jason Momoa , a recurring face in recent years for his participation in fantasy stories like “Games of Thrones” and “Aquaman”. In this opportunity, Momoa plays the main role of Baba Voss, a brave warrior, leader and guardian.

For his part, Alfre Woodard plays Paris, an advisor and a priestess. Woodard has starred in films including “12 Years a Slave”, “Annabelle” and “Captain America: Civil War”,

Broadcast: From November 1st the first three episodes of “See” will be available for viewing on Apple TV+, with new episodes scheduled for release every Friday.

Budget: Apple has not been discreet when talking about the investment made to have the best creative talent, the best paid actresses in Hollywood, and top-notch technological development for the Apple TV+ platform. Therefore, it has not hesitated to invest 15 million per episode to make “See” a story capable of pleasing the most demanding viewers.

If you’re interested in seeing Apple compete in the world of streaming content, you have a date on November 1 and we suggest you check out a preview of their catalogue on Apple TV’s YouTube channel.

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