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Apple Presents the 2015 Design Awards Winners

Many of you, dear readers, have probably had the privilege of following the WWDC 2015 conference live from your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. But perhaps some of you still don’t know that these days Apple has also been in charge of distributing the ADA awards .

After this year’s wonderful keynote, Apple presented the Design Awards “Design Awards 2015” at a conference for developers. The awards honor and recognize the creators of this year’s best applications.

Apple Presents the 2015 Design Awards Winners
Apple Presents the 2015 Design Awards Winners

As is usually the case, Apple has chosen to highlight the apps that have won the Design Awards on the App Store, but they have also wanted to display a special section dedicated to new talent with applications designed by developers under 20 years old.

Here are the winners of the 2015 Apple Design Awards

This year 12 applications have won these awards, some of the most notable being Vainglory, Crossy Road, Shadowmatic, Does Not Commute and Fantastical 2.


Shadowmatic is a game in which we have to rotate some pieces and build figures by means of the shadows they cast on the wall. Its graphics and physics are IMPRESSIVE.


Metamorphabet is an alphabet for children that will allow them to learn through an experience of use with tactile gestures. It has animations, great sound effects and a wonderful design.


Robinhood is a financial application that allows us to make transactions without commissions and access market data. Excellent app for economists and investors, although it is only available in the USA.

Affinity Designer

We continue with another winner, Affinity Designer, a photo editing app for OS X.

Crossy Road

What can we say about this fun game? An endless arcade hopper of the most addictive!

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 also won its design award. This is a calendar with very useful functions and tools. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.


One of this year’s surprises arrives, Workflow, an application that works like an automaton and allows us to connect applications and actions that we do or use every day.

Does Not Commute

Does Not Commute is a very innovative and creative game in which we will have to direct each vehicle towards its destination. Fabulous graphics, excellent gameplay and an extremely high level of creativity.


Vainglory is another game that deserved this coveted award. It is a MOBA in which players can play 3 vs 3 online multiplayer games.


Pacemaker is a minimalist application with a great visual style that allows us to mix music. It has very realistic animations and a special design for each device.

Elementary Minute

Presented as a winning app in the Student category, Elementary Minute is a game with a simple game play in which we will answer questions through tactile gestures.


Jump-O is another of Apple’s award-winning student applications. A minimalist, highly addictive puzzle game.

The best games of 2015

This year there has been a large number of games at the Apple Design Awards, which is why we at iPadizate also want to share a video with those we consider to be the best games of 2015 , although this is a list we created at the beginning of the year, but many of them are spectacular. Which do you like best?

This year the App Store has brought us all kinds of apps and games that have been very successful. Do you think these apps have been worthy of these awards? Would you add any more?

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