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Apple presents macOS 10.14 and these are the news

Apple has just presented the new features of its operating system macOS , specifically the version 10.14 (Mojave) where it is already available for developers.

Apple wanted to highlight the stability and performance in this new version, where we don’t have many visual changes but we have some really interesting improvements of each to the end user.

Apple presents macOS 10.14 and these are the news
Apple presents macOS 10.14 and these are the news

The final version for all users will be available in autumn , along with the launch of the new Apple devices. If you’re thinking of installing the developer version out of curiosity, we don’t recommend it, at least on a main computer.

New in MacOS 10.14

A few days ago we showed you a video with a leak of the same Apple , well, it seems that the little we can see has been confirmed in today’s event. Something that has not surprised much, since the information was downloaded from Apple’s own servers. But that doesn’t stop us from being surprised by the rest of news which are quite interesting..

  • New dark mode for the entire user interface
  • With a simple button you can organize all the files on the screen (grouped by PDF, videos, presentations…) all very customizable
  • Improvements in the Finder, such as viewing file types
  • Preview now offers the possibility to view the meta data
  • Fast image editing without leaving the Finder
  • We can also create PDF from Finder (one button will switch to PDF)
  • Actions can be automated with “Automator” from the Finder itself
  • Improves screen captures. Similar to what we do in iOS (edit, send or delete them).
  • We can capture videos on the whole screen or just a section
  • Continuity for all screenshots. That is, it will be synchronized with all equipment
  • Continuity for all devices. For example, take a picture on your Mac to do a montage and you can use the iPhone camera. It’s amazing.
  • AppleNews for Mac (no news for the UK at the moment)
  • “Casa” comes to macOS, no longer exclusive to iOS
  • A new app “Recorder” appears that will sync with our iPhone. It will no longer be necessary to use QuickTime
  • We can unlock the Mac with our iPhone via Face ID
  • We can encrypt files from native apps, such as Notes, Photos, Reminders… and also third party apps
  • Mojave will also be safer with the camera and microphone
  • Safari will ask you what kind of ads can be displayed and will cut off access to the “tracker” of the commercial actions as much as possible.

Mac App Store Redesign

As we mentioned a few days ago, the Mac App Store has just undergone a very positive redesign. Similar to iOS 11, making it much more attractive for the user and with the possibility of viewing editorials. Something we’ve been waiting for for a while and which is quite necessary. The new ” look ” is spectacular.

We can preview the applications on video as in iOS 11. The categories will be better implemented and there will be much more information. Office 365 arrives on the Mac App Store. In addition, we will have app recommendations from Apple.

Metal and ARKit

The new versions of Metal and ARKit will be optimized to move games with good performance. External graphics card support allows you to add up to 3 graphics cards . Improving the user experience.

These new versions are very focused on Gaming and 3D rendering. The videos, thanks to this technology will be much faster and more efficient. Macs will be able to move it around easily, Craig said.

Create ML

New development system for Switch, with one more language interactive , without the need of third party libraries. Thanks to this, we have the possibility to create better algorithms.

Craig’s question and answer is curious, where when “asked” if iOS and macOS will be unified, the answer was a resounding no . They want to keep things separate, they want their operating systems very much, but they want them to remain independent.

What they will allow is the “port” of the applications from macOS to iOS to work together in the ecosystem. As a detail, we will now have Favicons in the tabs of Safari. Craig claims that they’re in phase 1 , where it’s now up to the developers to work. We may be going to 2019 instead of autumn this year.

The beta of macOS is available right now, where we’ll see the final version in the fall for the rest of the users.

What do you think about these new macOS?