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Apple prepares 90 million iPhone 6 for launch

It’s been a few days now, just to coincide with the launch of CarPlay and the proximity of iOS 7.1, that there isn’t much news related to the new iPhone or iPhones. But the absence of news does not mean that Apple does not continue working and it seems that it does, since it could be preparing for the biggest iPhone launch in history according to various Chinese media

According to the news, Foxconn could be preparing 90 million units this year alone . A few days ago I told you that Apple was hiring engineers and managers in Asia, mainly from HTC, with the aim of accelerating the production of both the iPhone and the iPad, something that fits with the significant increase in production.

Apple prepares 90 million iPhone 6 for launchApple prepares 90 million iPhone 6 for launch

This increase could also be due, among other things, to the agreement with China Mobile, which has more than 700 million customers, and which, in the absence of the first official results, could mean a considerable increase in iPhone sales , giving it a substantial boost in a market as important as the Chinese one.

According to estimates, the increase in sales could rise to 23 percent , well above the 13 percent obtained in 2013, and also quite generous considering that the market for smartphones is already a mature market.

Another of the speculations to which these supposed 90 million units lead us is to think whether, when the time comes, Apple will consider bringing forward the launch of the iPhone, which I personally do not think it will do. Apple’s objective should be, and I think it is, to avoid a lack of stock at its initial launch .

If we look at the last quarter of last year, when the iPhone 5s and 5c were launched, Apple’s sales were 51 million, far from the 90 million it seems to be preparing. Over the course of the year, iPhone sales totalled 153.4 million units .

In any case, there is no doubt that Apple continues with the established course , with TSMC starting to manufacture the A8 processor, and GT Advanced ready to produce more than 100 million sapphire crystal displays, in case this material is finally chosen.