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Apple platforms take their place at this year’s E3


This year Apple has had a good presence at the fair with the arrival of Steam on Mac and games for the iOS platform, demonstrating that the Mac platform is no longer that system ‘you can’t play with’.

Apple platforms take their place at this year’s E3
Apple platforms take their place at this year’s E3

The first example is the one you can see in the video above: SEGA has decided to port its Sonic 4 to the iOS , in addition to the most typical platforms for this type of games such as the Xbox Live Arcade, the Play Station Network and the WiiWare. We will be able to play in several ways, but in the video we can already see that the gameplay achieved is not bad at all.

Another company you may have heard of is Capcom, who will be releasing their classic 1942: First Strike (an airplane game in which you have to beat the enemy’s army, vertical scrolling) on the App Store soon. Also, enter the Apple Store Final Fantasy Tactics by Square-Enix, with its title The War of Lions.

And of course, a major player in Mac OS X game news has been Valve, who now brings his Steam platform to our system and shows all his advances ready for this one. What you can see above is the teaser trailer for Portal 2 , the eagerly awaited sequel to the game that came out temporarily free with the release of Steam for Mac. The game will be released next year.

And that’s because Steam has had a good reception at Mac. So much so that statistics indicate that in the short time that the platform exists on the Apple system, approximately 8% of the total players are gamers. Not bad for such a short time. The pity is that according to the tests carried out, games on Mac run at a lower level of frames per second than they would run from a Windows system.

That’s why Apple, ATI, and NVIDIA have teamed up to research and improve the performance of Steam games on Mac OS X. Based on what has been discussed, small improvements are expected in the short term and larger improvements in the long term. So if you see some games like Half-Life 2 not running at a decent quality right now, just wait for the next updates to both the system and the Steam platform.

Both the E3 show and this effort to make games run smoothly on our platform show that something has changed in Mac OS X: More and more gamers are getting into the game and the urban legend of the Mac as a platform where you can’t have fun is fading away.