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Apple plans to build three large factories in the United States

Apple plans to build three “big, big, big” manufacturing plants in the United States, Apple President Tim Cook told U.S. President Donald Trump . The news was shared by Trump in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

It seems that Cook promised to build “three big, beautiful plants,” but there is not much additional information available. What those plants will make is not clear, as is their potential location.” I talked to Mr. Cook, he promised me three big plants: big, big and big,” Trump said in a debate on corporate tax reform and business investment. Tim, unless you start building your plants in this country, I will not consider my administration an economic success. He called me and told me they were going ahead ,” said President Trump. Apple’s representatives refused to clarify Trump’s statement, as has been the case in Cupertino , in addition to the particular relationship between the two.

Apple plans to build three large factories in the United States
Apple plans to build three large factories in the United States

Apple has been investigating how to manufacture the phone in the United States since Trump said that ” we are going to get Apple to start building their damn computers and stuff in this country instead of other countries “, during a campaign speech at Liberty University in Virginia in 2016. Some time later, Trump threatened to introduce a 45 percent tax on products imported from China, which would have been a deadly blow to the Californian company .

After pressure from Trump, Apple reportedly asked its suppliers Foxconn and Pegatron to seek to manufacture the iPhone in the United States. While Pegatron declined, Foxconn is planning to build a TFT-LCD factory in the United States, with the latest rumors suggesting that the company is considering Wisconsin as the state where the facility will be built .

Apple CEO Tim Cook previously explained that the iPhone is manufactured in China because of the skill of the workforce. ” China put a lot of effort into manufacturing ,” he said. Now it remains to be seen how this possibility will materialize, although as we mentioned earlier it is not known when it might become a reality .


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