Apple permanently deletes on Store

The title of the article may seem a bit dramatic, but that’s right, Apple removes the Store, from a certain point of view .

As you well know, each and every one of Apple’s physical stores spread across the globe is known as the Apple Store. Until yesterday .

Apple permanently deletes on Store
Apple permanently deletes on Store

Among so much news about Cupertino’s company around the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 10, the new Apple Watch or the new MacBooks, Apple has taken the opportunity to make a small change in the name of its physical stores. This change is based on the elimination of the term Store .


This change does not in the least affect the business or physical appearance, however it does not make this move by the Californian company any more noticeable.

From the consumer’s point of view, maybe not so much. From Apple’s point of view it changes a lot. There is no need to emphasize how meticulous and direct the company of the “big apple” is with its products, and the showcase through which it shows them to the world would not be less .

Apple has always sought to make the user see the company as a factory of ideas that covers the needs that they themselves create in those users, avoiding talking in most cases of business. With the elimination of the term Store , Apple tries to make us believe that it is not just any store, but that it is the home of Apple .

Put it this way, it may seem like a piece of cake. However, we cannot forget that one of the companies that has the best marketing and advertising team in the world – possibly the most -, is Apple .

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