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Apple Pencil, or S Pen. Which is better?

The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro has just been launched, and with it new accessories, such as the exclusive keyboard – which we had already seen in the patents – and a pen, an accessory hitherto unknown to the brand’s portable devices, as they had never been included. This time we are going to compare it with the S Pen designed by Samsung , which is the most famous as far as portable devices are concerned.

The first Apple stylus

With a millimeter point capable of drawing pixel by pixel , Apple has left us speechless. Despite being the first optical stylus designed by Cupertino’s boys, it works spectacularly, as we see in the demo below.

At the level of S PEN?

Apple Pencil, or S Pen. Which is better?
Apple Pencil, or S Pen. Which is better?

The S Pen is the stylus of the Galaxy Note range, designed by Samsung. And despite the fact that it has been on the market for 5 years now, has not changed at all since 2 years ago , as it remains the same in terms of features, although this does not mean that it has not been the best on the market until now, as it had almost no competition, a fact that changes with the arrival of the Apple Pencil.

Let’s see, how are they different?

The Apple Pencil comes prepared to be charged with a Lightning cable with the iPad itself, so this means that the battery is used up. A negative point for Apple’s stylus , as the Korean one does not need to be charged, since all the technology is on the screen and not in the pen itself. Unfortunately, we already have another device that we have to add to the list to load.

One option for not having to charge it continuously would be for the pen to be charged wirelessly inside the iPad. This would require the Apple Pencil to be inserted into the tablet , but this doesn’t seem to be possible. But, of course, this has its positive point, and is that on paper, this pencil is much more accurate than Samsung’s , as it carries a different technology, being able, as we said before, to draw pixel by pixel.

A positive point for the Apple Pencil: has a much wider tilt angle than the S Pen, up to 70 degrees above normal. With this we can get much more natural drawings, because it resembles much more to a real pencil. The S Pen has an incredible inclination angle, but less than the Apple one.

Thanks to this new technology, which is located inside the stylus , the pen itself is able to detect the pressure we are exerting and thus choose the thickness to be applied , unlike the stylus from the Note range, where we must choose the thickness beforehand.

No physical button . In the Galaxy Note we have a very useful physical button with which we can change the colour, the type of “pencil”, or execute commands. Negative point for Apple. Another feature that is missing is the S View, quite useful and intuitive to use, or the interchangeable tips, which well, in this case would not be needed because as we say, is much more sensitive.

Finally, and best of all, this Apple Pencil will be integrated with the vast majority of applications thanks to the API that we hope Apple will release . Samsung, on the other hand, in spite of having published it, has not managed to get almost any application, apart from its own, to include support. Hopefully we will see the Autodesk applications integrated with the Apple Pencil as we have seen with Microsoft’s applications or with Adobe’s apps .

Points in favor of the Apple Pencil:

  • Much greater angle of inclination – up to 70 degrees
  • Much more precise. Capable of drawing on a single pixel.
  • Greater integration with applications and the wider Apple ecosystem.
  • Able to detect pressure to choose thickness.

Points for the S Pen:

  • Physical button.
  • The screen recognizes the pen even when it is not touching the screen.
  • You don’t have to carry it.
  • It comes integrated with the device.

As we can see, this is a much more professional and higher quality stylus , although there are still aspects to be improved, such as the fact that we have to load it.