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Apple Pay Will Soon Be Available in Las Vegas

Apple Pay continues its deployment on American soil, even reaching Las Vegas . Users will be able to use the payment service at the receptions of hotels, restaurants and bars, in early June. At the moment we do not know the exact date of Apple Pay’s arrival in Europe, but it will probably arrive throughout the year.

Apple Pay continues its progress in the United States

While Apple Play continues its advance through American lands, reaching even Las Vegas, we are still waiting for its international landing. One of the first places where we can use the Apple Pay service in Spain is in the Mercadona supermarkets , with more than 16,000 compatible terminals already available, but which cannot be used yet.

Apple Pay Will Soon Be Available in Las Vegas
Apple Pay Will Soon Be Available in Las Vegas

But while Apple Pay is landing internationally, there are still many places where the apple payment service is not yet available in America, with Las Vegas being the company’s next target and with the possibility that it will arrive early next month, in June.

At the moment it is known that users will be able to use Apple Pay at the reception of hotels, restaurants and bars . They can also use it to simplify the payment of room service, even the counseling service will accept Apple Pay as a form of payment. Users will be able to use the iPhone or even the Watch, to make payments within Las Vegas.

Can Apple Pay be used directly in casinos?

It is not yet clear whether you will be able to use Apple’s payment service in casinos , directly to play. Most casinos are limited to the use of chips to charge transactions and if credit card payments are made, the payments are marked as cash advances, so there is no way to convert it into quick cash.

The power that the apple company has in the market, has made Apple Pay reach quickly to many of the establishments in America . But a few months ago we commented on the possibility of Apple Pay having its international rollout in March and we are still waiting for a new announcement from the company, which will give new data in this regard.

Although the apple payment feature is already established in many American stores, only 6% of iPhone 6 users use it and we still don’t have data on how many Watch users have used it. It is very possible that with the new landing in Las Vegas, as we have known thanks to 9to5Mac, the percentage of users who use Apple Pay will increase. We already know the great reception that the apple devices have in the American market and the amount of money that moves in places like Las Vegas.

Do you think the use of Apple Pay in Las Vegas will enhance the use of the apple payment system? You can leave your answer in the comments, as well as comment on any other relevant aspect.

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