Apple Pay now available for Carrefour PASS customers

With the arrival of Apple Pay in Spain, compatibility with many banking institutions and some other companies offering financial services in the field of mobile payments is on the horizon. On this occasion, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Apple Pay to Carrefour customers through the Carrefour PASS Card . How will this work? Don’t miss the next article where we will explain all the advantages, benefits and ways to use it.

Mobile payments with Apple Pay at Carrefour with Carrefou PASS

For now Apple Pay is in its introduction stage , but that does not mean that progress in mobile payments is not advancing. The Carrefour guys will offer all their customers a secure way to make purchases through the Carrefour PASS Card. You will be able to make purchases in Carrefour stores with your iPhone and Apple Watch quickly and, above all, securely.

Apple Pay now available for Carrefour PASS customers
Apple Pay now available for Carrefour PASS customers

It is the first company in Spain to distribute products with its own card associated with Apple Pay . This translates into many benefits. In addition to the fact that you can pay in Carrefour stores, you can use the PASS Card with Apple Pay to make purchases in other establishments that accept contactless payments.

Pay with Carrefour via Apple Pay quickly and securely

The security will be one more reason to buy and use your card with Apple Pay, because when you use the card the numbers will not be those contained in the card. The procedure changes as unique numbers will be assigned and protected, so the security code will be different for various purchases. This way you will not compromise the real data of your Carrefour PASS card .

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