Apple Pay Cash would require you to verify your identity using Face ID

Apple Pay is known to be the most widely adopted mobile payment system. But it is limited to Apple-approved businesses and banks. That’s why Apple Pay Cash was created.

What is Apple Pay Cash? What will it allow us to do?

This tool is nothing more and nothing less than an Apple “PayPal”. This service will allow us to store money in our Apple account in the form of balance , so that we can pay with it instead of withdrawing money from the credit card. So, when paying with Apple Pay or sending money to a friend (which we’ll talk about later), we can choose whether we want to use up our account balance and pay what’s left on the card, or pay all the money on our credit or debit card that we have on Apple Pay.

Apple Pay Cash would require you to verify your identity using Face ID
Apple Pay Cash would require you to verify your identity using Face ID

But from my point of view, the newest feature is the possibility of sending money between users (person to person). This way, sending money to your friend or family member would be as easy as sending it through iMessage . That easy and comfortable . And of course, everything will be done in native form , without having to install anything on our device. The main drawback, though, is that this feature would only work if both users have iOS devices. That is, unless they launch iMessage for other operating systems such as Android, but it is something that has not been heard of, so it is something that is not expected in the near future …

With Apple Pay Cash, you can send money to your contacts using iMessage and save your balance PayPal-style.

Apple Pay Cash will ask you to show your ID or driver’s license

But all that is something that was already known. The new in this news comes in the system that will integrate Apple to prevent users from falsifying their identity .

This was made known by some text strings that are included in the betas of iOS 11 . The first one found is the following:

  • “Verify your identity to continue using Apple Pay Cash”

From this text, we intuit that in order to use the Apple Pay Cash server, the user must verify in some way that he is who he says he is. And obviously, if the identity cannot be verified the use of the tool will not be allowed. And how will the verification be done? This is revealed by the second string of characters discovered:

  • “Place your driver’s license or ID card with the photo in the camera frame”

By asking for the DNI (identity card) or driving licence , Apple will obtain various data apart from the DNI number itself. Firstly, they will be able to obtain the real name of the person, as well as an official photograph. But in addition, it will also allow you to find out if the person you are using is older than age or not (as both identifiers contain the date of birth).

This will enable Apple to prevent fraud and identity theft, thus avoiding various problems with its payment services, Apple Pay and Apple Pay Cash.

Apple Pay could be boosted by Apple Pay Cash, Apple’s “PayPal”.


No doubt, Apple Pay Cash will be as loved by users as Apple Pay was, or even more. Above all, if they manage to make it as easy to use as they promise the service will certainly succeed. It is also interesting to see how they are working on increasing security and preventing fraud and misuse. Although as I already mentioned, I think the main problem they will have is that users with iOS are in the minority, and since both the sender and the receiver must have iOS 11 or later, it will cost for the service to be widely used.

What do you think? Do you see it as an adequate measure? What do you think of Apple Pay and Apple Pay Cash?

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