Apple Pay Cash takes its first steps in public

Cómo configurar y utilizar Apple Pay con el iPhone X

We’ve been tracking it in the iOS 11.2 beta, and with the sudden arrival of the stable version many wanted to try it out. But it hasn’t been until now that Apple Pay Cash has been released for all audiences . The only catch is that you have to be in the United States.

Apple Pay Cash takes its first steps in public
Apple Pay Cash takes its first steps in public

Apple has activated the feature after releasing iOS 11.2 this weekend, holding out for a few days to presumably polish up all the details. The requirements are as simple as having Apple Pay and two-factor authentication enabled on the iPhone.

Apple Pay Cash is, in short, a competitor of PayPal. With it you can have a balance on a virtual card, and send or receive money easily with other people . There is no additional fee to pay if you use a debit card to charge a balance to that virtual card, although depending on the banks you will pay something if you use a credit card.

All Apple Pay Cash transactions are made via iMessage , but you can also use Siri on your iPhone or Apple Watch to order a money transfer. In the United States there is no problem, but I wonder if that obligation to use iMessage will make a dent in markets like the Spanish where the absolute king is WhatsApp.

But before entering into these debates, Apple Pay Cash has yet to be launched in Spain and other countries. We hope it will be soon, considering that we already have Apple Pay.

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