Apple Pay arrives at CaixaBank

The world is changing so that all the tasks we do in our day-to-day life are evolving to the point where they are simple and easy for everyone, payment is one of them. Until this process has been automated so that all the mobiles in the last 2 years, or almost all of them at least, have NFC technology so that we do not have to take out our bank card but pay with our own mobile. This continues to progress and from the hand of Apple as in Spain we can pay with Apple Pay if we are from Caixabank.

This article is more focused on people who are customers of this bank, because if you are not, you probably will not be interested in reading any further . Those of us who use our smartphone as if it were a card in Caixabank know that the application we use, most of us, is Imaginbank. This tool allows us functions like looking at the money we have at that moment, sending or receiving money, but also paying.

Apple Pay arrives at CaixaBank
Apple Pay arrives at CaixaBank

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In short, Imaginbank is a tool for the mobile, but Apple Pay is for terminals and smartwatches , both from Apple obviously. If you meet the requirements to be a customer of this bank and to be a user of one of these products of the apple you have to know that you can only use this payment method if you have an iPhone SE, iPhone 6 or higher, although, as we said before, you can also do it with the Apple Watch.

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Although less conspicuous, Apple Pay is also an option for paying for orders online , but for this task most of us will still use the conventional method of paying with the card or PayPal. Caixabank is a Catalan bank, so we can be happy that Cupertino’s company works with the Spain brand.

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