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Apple Patents Wireless Charging System

Apple is considering a wireless charging system

Apple, the company of the apple, has recently obtained patents for a new wireless charging system, which can open up quite a few new possibilities for its equipment. This innovative system will make it possible to do without the need for cables in order to recharge all our devices, whether it be our iPhone, iPad or even the long-awaited iWatch. It will also make it easier to design wireless devices such as keyboards and mice, which no longer need a power outlet.

What is clear is that the technology sector is constantly evolving and all manufacturers are looking to be the first to come up with new ideas to improve their products. Within this search for ideas, many of the manufacturers are trying to remove the cable connections, as they are somewhat annoying and it is very easy for a cable to break. To date, some solutions have already been found, but now they are focusing on applying this wireless technology to transmit power to charge our devices.

Apple Patents Wireless Charging System
Apple Patents Wireless Charging System

We already have quite a few advances and products on the market that offer wireless charging, but it looks like we will have many more in the near future. In fact, Apple seems to have made a strong commitment to this technology and its work is bearing fruit. Apple recently obtained several patents in which it would focus on a new wireless charging system based on magnetic resonance imaging. The company received the go-ahead for this patent just this week, although it was filed a few months ago.

The next generation iPhone may have wireless charging

Apple’s main idea would be very simple, they want to make it unnecessary to have cables to offer charge to the devices. Furthermore, according to these patents, the technology they are designing would be designed so that it is not necessary to have direct contact with the surface and the devices themselves either. So far all the wireless charging systems we have on the market force us to place the devices on a specific base, so the company would be looking to distinguish itself from the others.

The possibilities that this technology could give us are many, since for the first time we could charge our iPhone or iPad without using any cable, besides being able to charge the expected iWatch. But this is not all, since we could also use this technology in the same way to charge other accessories such as mice or wireless keyboards with battery and thus forget about cables or having to be changing the batteries of them.

So far, all we know is that this patent has received approval, but what is a mystery for now is whether the new iPhone 6 will come with this technology or the first device from the company to have it will be the iWatch. To get out of doubt, we will have to wait until September 9th, as the new generation of iPhone is expected to be introduced.