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Apple Patents Wearable Health Tracking Device


Just yesterday we told you on iPadizate about a mysterious new wearable device that Apple would be working on with a focus on health monitoring. Well, today we bring you a new patent registered by the US company that would make reference to a device similar to this one.

Apple Patents Wearable Health Tracking Device
Apple Patents Wearable Health Tracking Device

Apple has invented a new portable health device that measures electrocardiographic signals through a series of electrodes incorporated into it . The patent has recently been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and it shows some schemes with designs of a device different from the watch that could be used in different areas of the body.

As stated in the patent description, electrocardiographic measurements are based on multiple electrode readings that may vary depending on the part of the body in which it is recorded. Thus, the device would be intelligently adapted to achieve the highest possible accuracy in different parts of the body .

The patent describes how a user carrying the device on his arm can take measurements manually . To do so, he would only have to colour his finger on an electrode that is not in contact with his body, so that the device compares the readings to calculate an accurate measurement.

As we have said before, there has recently been talk of Apple working on a new health tracking device that could be launched alongside the iPhone in 2017. It is believed that this device will have numerous health-related applications and features capable of collecting data such as heart rate, pulse changes, blood pressure, and blood sugar level, among other things.

However, it seems unlikely that this patent refers to this new device , but it serves to get an idea of where the shots of Apple’s research and work in this area are going. In addition, it makes it expensive for Apple not to oppose the development of a new portable device that does not necessarily have to be linked to the Apple Watch.


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