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Apple Patents Waterproof Speakers

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Apple has applied for a new patent that includes a concept of waterproof iPhone speakers and a bone conduction technology that could bring noise cancellation to future EarPods.

Apple Patents Waterproof Speakers
Apple Patents Waterproof Speakers

The first application found in the United States Patent Office is entitled “Liquid Resistant Acoustic Device” and details a protected port that uses a kind of “umbrella” inserted between openings to block liquid access.

The design of the sketch, curiously and mysteriously, is very similar to that of today’s iPhone speakers. Read on to find out how this technology works.

Waterproof speakers? Ideal for listening to music in the shower!

If liquid enters through the openings, it will immediately contact the umbrella and be redirected away from the internal hardware to avoid structural damage.

Apple’s invention also includes a second line of defense for liquids, in the form of a “hydrophobic” protective layer located on the outer surface of the iPhone that would help carry liquids away.

As with Apple’s other patents, the company may choose NOT to develop this technology. However, the Apple Watch already has a virtually identical liquid resistance system.

Speaking of other devices, it is rumored that the iPhone 7 will also be waterproof, but it is not known if the new patent would be related to Apple’s next-gen smartphone.

Apple continues to work on improving its EarPods

Another new patent was also found today, called “system and method of mixing accelerometer and microphone signals to improve voice quality in a mobile device” . This patent describes bone-conducting EarPods capable of drastically reducing external ambient noise.

By using the accelerometer, according to the patent, vibrations of the vocal cords could be detected, together with the microphone, the system could measure the signals and eliminate the vibrations from the noise.

Finally, let’s remember, Apple is working on some Bluetooth EarPods that are rumored to arrive along with the iPhone 7, although nothing is confirmed yet.


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