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Apple patents waterproof display technology for the iPhone

The iPhone, like other competing phones, is already certified to be water and dust resistant. However, this cannot be considered to make Apple devices waterproof or work in the same way under water. We recently learned of a patent from the apple company that describes how we might see a truly operational iPhone under water in the future.

It is logical that a device such as an iPhone is not intended to be used mostly in adverse conditions such as those we find if we submerge the device underwater in a pool or in the sea. However, it is extremely attractive the idea of to be able to use them in certain occasions to make photos and videos with them in those conditions.

Apple patents waterproof display technology for the iPhone
Apple patents waterproof display technology for the iPhone

According to Apple, the company led by Tim Cook has filed several patents describing the operation of an underwater touch screen with total precision . This could also be transferred to equipment such as the iPad, although we understand that the iPhone would be the most important device to incorporate a feature of this magnitude.

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Without going too far into the technical aspects of the documents, we see how the technology described by Apple shows an “acoustic touch detection system” . This system would allow that by means of a series of acoustic waves and a detailed system, the screen could receive the pulses in the same way that it would do it on the surface without water interceding in the mechanism.

At the moment this is just one more patent of the many that are usually registered by companies like Apple. Nevertheless, and despite the fact that many of these things usually end up in the inkwell, it would not be unreasonable that in the future we could see something like this. After all, it would be a very positive thing for users and not so much because they could dive into their iPhone without fear of it breaking down but because they could handle it with total solvency as if they were in any other situation.

If you want to know more technical information about these patents, we recommend visiting the article in which Patently Apple describes it, by clicking here.

And you? What do you think of this news? Do you think it will come true one day? You can leave your impressions about this news in the comment box.

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