Apple patents the perfect glass case for a future iPhone 8

Great news about the future of the iPhone . A few days ago we told you how analysts were pointing to a future glass iPhone 8. Today, we find ourselves with what could be the patent for the design of this future phone.

There have been many battles that manufacturers have had to fight to create beautiful, yet functional designs . One of those battles was that of the metal designs, and the inconveniences they entailed, since the use of plastic is required, for the integration of antennas, for example, so that the telephone can function correctly.

The glass returns, stronger than ever

Apple patents the perfect glass case for a future iPhone 8
Apple patents the perfect glass case for a future iPhone 8

However, the patent that has been published today, and which Apple has named “Glass Enclosure”, could change everything. In this document, it is reported that a glass enclosure design is capable of accommodating all electronic components, and protecting them even more effectively against elements such as water.

In addition, would not cause interference when using, for example, a wireless charging system, thus helping the possible integration of this technology into future devices. And all this, in a curved design that would almost completely dispense with aluminium .

We’re back to the crystal iPhone, are we also back to the iPhone 4’s resistance level?

When we glimpse the possibility of the next iPhone being completely made of glass, we cannot help but remember the iPhone 4 and 4S . It would not be the first time that Apple launches an iPhone with a glass back (in this case, however, the exterior of the iPhone would be made of this material).

And we all know very well how easy it was to become a very abstract painting with a fall to the ground. Apple may have found the perfect material, one even stronger than aluminium itself. But at the moment, I have too many doubts about this matter .

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